What is a noun?


A noun is a part of speech, or a word, that is used to identify a person, place, thing, or abstract idea. Let's look at an example sentence.

Example: The bear is sleeping.

Ask yourself: "What person, place, thing, or abstract idea is in the sentence?" The bear! Therefore, the word "bear" is a noun.

Sometimes, a sentence will have two or more nouns within it.

Example: The bear and her cubs are sleeping in the forest.

The sentence above has three nouns because there are two things and one place in it. The words "bear" and "cubs" are nouns but also the subjects of the sentence because they are the nouns which are forming an action ("sleeping"). The third noun "forest" is not performing an action and is still a noun but not the subject of the sentence.

This is a simple method to understanding what a noun is and how to find nouns in a sentence. For more assistance, you can watch the attached video about nouns.

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